The full video is here:

This is the first 3 months of my 1-second a day project. Weekly thematic pieces are here:

Everything was shot (and edited for the first 2 months using the iMovie app) on an iPhone 5. For the 3rd month, I imported the project into my computer and used Final Cut Pro X to edit. See below for the rules I made for myself.


This idea is copied from a TED Talk by Cesar Kuriyama ( Decided to do the same for my 40th year as an art project, figuring out some rules for myself along the way:

- I won't film anything that didn't actually happen: e.g. practicing the guitar just to get a shot of me playing an instrument.

- It's OK to re-do something *in the moment* in order to get my shot: e.g. asking somebody to repeat an action *they just did*.

- If I can't get the shot (typically of me doing something), it's OK to hand off and ask somebody else to do it.

- Story over spontaneity: e.g. I might select a shot that inherently communicates what's happening/something more interesting vs. a random moment from a day. Took a while to decide on this one, but it makes the finished piece more accessible to people who don't know me.

- No effects added in post-, like speeding up or filters. Although I may tweak the audio levels later—not sure yet.

Began on November 15, 2012, so month 1 has Thanksgiving in there, along with the first same-sex marriages in Washington State. Month 2 has Christmas and a visit to Senator Patty Murray's office. Month 3 has a trip to the Creating Change conference and more comprehensive immigration reform events.

You should try it too! You can totally do it with just a (smart) phone.

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