Cyborgs dans la brume

Réalisation, Scénario, Montage
Gwenola Wagon et Stéphane Degoutin

The film Cyborgs in the mist presents the fictional LOPH research lab and its proposals to struggle against the planned obsolescence of mankind. LOPH aims at experimenting scenarios for the survival of mankind, for when the domination of man upon the planet will end. Academic teams, science-fiction writers, and very new forms of artificial intelligence work together to anticipate the most disastrous scenarios. The area is transformed in an research-action lab. Utopian hypotheses are tested full scale.
The LOPH research lab will take place in Saint-Denis, 72 Charles Michels Street, around the site of the Coignet villa, the first house in the world entirely cast in concrete. Now part of the industrial estate of a multinational corporation in meat and bones meal, it is surrounded by data centers, warehouses and evangelic cults. This territory is dismembered, almost impassable, typical of the urban decay, an accumulation of systems devoid of any coherence. Does all this foreshadow the impoverishment of the human ecosystem? If this is how the Umwelt of contemporary man is structured, then what can we imagine of the inner structure of his brain?
The adepts of the posthuman utopia are almost exclusively american. Yet, the issues it raises are universal. The LOPH research lab relocates these issues outside of the Silicon Valley, in the territory of Saint-Denis. Confronted to the complex stratification of the European city, close to mutating industries and non technological religions, they appear in another light.

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