"Paddle" is the story of two friends who learn to cope with the death of a friend they feel responsible for. Learning to live under new circumstances, they search for something to connect to, something to believe in.

The story rings true to the lifestyle and speaks across generations. Inspired by true events, Paddle represents a universal feeling through unique characters and circumstantial ideals.

Clifton Dunn - Isaac
Alex Zielinski - Colin
Luca Leisenring - Andrew
Jade Anderson - Mia
Judy Chen - Jessica
Lucy Cottrell - Megan
Michelle Cagianese - Lynn
Marion Le Cougic - May

Alex Zielinski - Director
Chelsea Maloney - Production Manager
Mark Simakovsky - Director of Photography
Htat Lin Htat - Director of Photography
Ernie Moreau - Co - Producer/ Key Grip
Tzipi Edery - Art Director
Alejandro Gutierrez - Sound Mixer
Dylan Marcus - Sound Design

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