"Nuclear War" by Sun Ra Arkestra

On February 12, 2013, North Korea successfully conducted its third underground nuclear test.

While this in itself deserves condemnation by the international community, all nuclear and chemical weapons, nuclear reactors, nuclear powered vessels, and nuclear wastes in the Pacific endangers the lives of the inhabitants and the environment and deserve critical condemnation.

Last month, when North Korea announced the nuclear test the UN Security Council passed a resolution (SC/2087) fortifying sanctions against North Korea. Sanctions have never worked and have only harmed the North Korean people. The UN Security Council only met for two minutes to agree on this punitive resolution!

Important to note that only the United States has used nuclear weapons on a civilian population and has prepared and threatened to attack North Korea with nuclear weapons at least nine times.

In the past year, the United States has extended the range of South Korea’s ballistic-missile technology to target all of North Korea.

Demand an end to all nuclear testing, including the resumption of nuclear energy in Japan. Nuclear accidents are not a matter of "if," but a matter of "when" as recently witnessed from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi reactor collapse, resulting in the ongoing radiation poisoning to the region.

Between 1945 and 1992 the U.S. conducted (by official count) 1054 nuclear tests, and two nuclear attacks, while France conducted 189 nuclear tests. Fallout as a result of these tests have had tragic consequences on the Marshallese and Micronesians that the US continues to downplay, as well as those in French Polynesia.

As early as 1983, Nuclear Free Independent Pacific issued a Peoples' Charter opposing the nuclear ambitions of industrialized countries. With Obama's "Pacific Pivot", the U.S. is transferring most of its military resources to the Pacific with the cooperation of NATO.

March 1st 1954 is is Nuclear Free Independent Pacific Day, commemorating the anniversary of "Castle Bravo" the first test of a thermo-nuclear hydrogen bomb near the Bikini Atolls in Micronesia.

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