My first trip to Yosemite... what an amazing privilege to fly there.

The video was shot with Panasonics... an HDC-SD1 for the downwing and straightforward (no wires in shot) shots... an HDC-sd5 for the footage looking down and in the Landing Zone... and an HDC-SD9 (thanks Kenny!) for the launches and the footage looking forward through the wires. In flight footage had wide angle adapters, some of them a little shmegged up after the first day due to the tall grass in the LZ (and I forgot my lens cleaning stuff). Stills were mostly shot with a Nikon d50 and a Tamron 18-250 zoom.

As far as the actual flights, Yosemite is beautiful and definitely on any Hang Glider pilot's bucket list, but they only let us fly in the morning when there's unlikely to be any lift (and therefore any turbulence). So, the flight is a "sled ride," where you only go down. It's a lot of monkey business to get to launch early, set up, fly down, retrieve your vehicles (if you don't have a driver), and stay in the park, but it's well worth it.

I'm not all that happy with my launches and landings, but that didn't kill the buzz. I need to work on more aggressive launches for the day that I really need them. As far as my landings, I've go the handwork down, but I need to perfect my footwork. It really bit my butt on the tall, slick grass of Leidig Meadows.

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