Working an annual corporate client project this year, I decided to set up the BMCC and let it roll with no real setup. The audio is bad. I just split the difference guessing on the levels between two channels - not having any headphones to even begin to check. I'm not sure that would have helped anyway.

The Blue Beats were set up in the dark. I was curios as to what it might look like, so I turned it on and walked off.

INFO: 1600ASA - 360degree - 3200K - ProRes VIDEO - Tokina AT-X Pro 16-28 f2.8 (IF) FX fullwide

In DaVinci Resolve, I added a vignette and actually tracked the guitar player's white shirt and guitar to lighten him. He was really in the dark. In Premiere, I multiband compressed the horribly blown out audio and was able to get it to be a little less annoying. It's too bad that the audio was so bad, 'cuz this is one of my favorite songs to hear performed LIVE.

I'm used the Premiere preset to output VIMEO HD (H.264) and let it go. The source is really much more clear than I would have expected. The color correction helps, even though I know what a colorist can do, and I'm no colorist.

I'm slowly getting a feel for what the BMCC can and can't do well. Still lot to learn.

Just for fun. Enjoy.

- Matt W

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