Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit explains the aspirations and goals possible with the practice of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung and their relationship to the Taoist and Buddhist traditions.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit is the fourth generation successor of the Venerable Master Jiang Nan of the famous Chinese Shaolin Temple and Grandmaster of the Shaolin WahNam Institute. He was honoured at the 2nd World Qigong Congress for his publications: "Shaolin Chi Kung, an answer to incurable disease" and "Shaolin Chi Kung for stress management and peak performance".
Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit started his life-long training in the Shaolin Martial Arts and Chi Kung in 1954. He has dedicated his life to keeping the genuine essence of these arts alive.
This interview was conducted with him in Arundel, UK, where he was teaching a number of Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung Arts and BaguaZhang at the UK Summer Camp in June 2012.
You can find out more about Fully Alive and Shaolin Cosmos Chi Kung here or search for Fully Alive on Facebook.

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