Reiki Soundscape is an event in Tacoma, WA where practitioners come together to practice the energy healing modality of Reiki while live musicians play and sometimes... VJ Tasara envelops the room with her portals of light.

Eileen Dey, the organizer of the Tacoma Reiki Soundscape, was right when she said that this event can't captured. But here's a valiant effort.

There are 4-5 tables set up for people to share Reiki. In the middle is an area where musicians tap into the beautiful healing energy and play.

The featured musician this night was Che Oke'ten, whose stunning work you can find through his website here:

Along with him, there was Gary Nunokawa on didgeridoo, Michael Mercker and Ken Duhe on percussion and singing bowls.

For more info on how to learn Reiki, go to Eileen's site here: She is just wonderful.

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