The Roots Creative Entrepreneurs were part of the Pacific Showcase at the Cloud in the Auckland viaduct.

The Roots members were involved with painting murals on the containers to reflect the themes of music, cuisine, family day, travel and health & wellness.

Also, the Roots showed a demonstration of bamboo sculptures being built on site. These demonstrations are a preview of the next event The Roots Pasifika.

For more information on these projects go to

We would like to acknowledge Marilyn Kohlhase for the opportunity to be part of the Pacific Showcase.

Boston Digital

Artists involved in the project:
Martin Langdon, Jeremy Leatinuu, Daniel Tautua, Francis Pesamino, John Belford, Benji Timu, Petelo Esekielu, Salome Tanuvasa, John Tanuvasa, Chris Ryan, Aaron Unasa, Cordelle Feau, Allen Vili aka Onesian, Waikare Komene, Nikorn Thammavongsa, Junior Mulipola, Amiria Puia-Taylor, Martin Leung-Wai, family and friends...

John Belford, Petelo Esekielu, Venusi Taumoepeau, Fatima Leung-Wai, Ann Margaret Leung-Wai, Martin Leung-Wai

Wiseguy - Say Ooh lala

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