– Part 4 of 4 from the 'Snowfall' story cycle on Through All Things: throughallthings.com/snow/

Given a blank canvas and asked to draw anything, many creative individuals might sit, stare, and eventually let out a scream. Without some set of rules or perhaps something to copy over and over again, we wander. I've wandered. On a day after one of the heaviest snowfalls in history, when everything looked like a postcard of Winter, I walked along the southern edge of Prospect Park until a beautifully twisted sight pulled me off my paved path and into a foot of snow.

It began with a very large tree. And perhaps unbeknownst to the usually peaceful tree, it was impaling a large snowman directly in its vital center as it lay in a state of constant dying on the ground. The pain was as real as two lively twigs reaching outward for help, as red as the Twizzler ropes bunched around its mouth and spilling from its wounded abdomen.

"That's so Calvin," another admirer would say.

And if there was ever any evidence that Calvin and Hobbes lived in Brooklyn, this snowman was it. Others knew it too. They came off their path to take a closer look, post pictures to Instagram, and revel with complete strangers at something really creative, almost magical given how its fictitious maker and feline companion were nowhere to be found. I can only imagine that they were off on another adventure. Sledding, I'll suppose.
Produced by Kenneth Chu
Prospect Park, Brooklyn
February 2013

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