Shot through the window of a CalTrain trip heading north through the SF Peninsula. I concentrated on the flow of abstract patterns only, with the train stop giving the eye some rest at a station. Except for token pause at station to create new clip file, there is no video editing. A surprise color blast happens when oncoming train stops while at of the stations.

I shot with the new Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3, and had no idea if the super-blur-pans zooming by would work or not. This was also a test to see if the image would break up, would stall or "crack." Would the camera would give up with this zany progression and render large areas with chunky pixels? To my amazement, this did not happen, and the video produced blurred streaks. Amazing also cause my other video is a disappointing demo of how hard it is to capture normal pans without stalls.

I made a DVD of "CalTrance" at standard def, and it plays wonderfully on my upconverting DVD player on the 42" screen. My computer(s) are not up to playing the 720 with much grace.

Besides the ambient train sounds, the sound designs uses chillout tracks from Never used loops before. Choose one "measure" of the sound, then pull on it in the audio track and extend loop pattern as long as you desire. Visual notches help align the beats with other loops.

This upload may not be as good as the orig, which was 580 megs. I had a difficult time getting a rendering mode to make it smaller than the wmv. This render took 6 hours. Used Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.

Taken later that day, I shot footage on the merry go round at Yerba Buena Center, and that shot will feature blurred images. Now want to see how it turned out!

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