Warning! Graphic Footage!

Since 2003, Sudan's Arab government and its Janjaweed militias have been destroying villages and displacing, raping, torturing, and killing Darfur's black African citizens. So what can you do? Speak Out by calling your Congress Member to demand
1) a strong UN Peacekeeping force,
2) establishment of a no-fly zone,
3) generous humanitarian aide,
4) divestment from Sudan,
5) military sanctions and
6) International Criminal Court prosecutions.

Also, see the film 'The Devil Came on Horseback', contact the press to demand more coverage and make some noise. Finally, support the following organizations which deal with Darfur: Global Grassroots, a non profit that works to advance the wellbeing of women in poor countries; Three Generations, an organization dedicated to exposing genocide and educating people and governments about genocide; and Save Darfur, a leader in Darfur activism.

thedevilcameonhorseback.com globalgrassroots.org threegenerations.org savedarfur.org

Special thanks to: Brian Steidle for his work in Darfur and for sharing the moving photos he took there Gretchen Wallace for her dedication to helping the people of Darfur and supporting this project. Annie Sundberg, Ricki Stern and BREAK THRU FILMS for their great film, 'The Devil Came On Horseback'. All the folks at Save Darfur for their support and film footage.

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