Directed by Ross Anderson.

Rough cut used for approval before grading, VFX, 3D work, element compositing, etc.

Caitlin Lumley - Girl/Robot
Diamond Dave Easton -- Barber
Tony Goodall - Older Man

Ross Anderson - Directed, Cinematography, Edited, VFX and compositing
Jesse Davey - Additional Cinematography
Graham Taylor - Prosthetic/Make-up FX
Hannah Day - Prosthetic/Make-up FX
James Hodgeson - Prosthetic/Make-up FX
Hannah Harrison - Prosthetic/Make-up FX
Rosie Davey - 3D Skull Transition
Dave Bishop - Runner/Driver

Shot in July 2012 using the Canon 550d (T2i), Magic Lantern and John Hope's Cinema Picture Profile.

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