"Some Parts of The Back of Beyond" delves into the phrase “The Back of Beyond”; a way of describing a lonely, forsaken and remote place, and it can be applied to the physical or the metaphysical. The work considers this saying in the context of psychological landscapes on a micro level, the individual, and a macro level, the cultural heritage; western, protestant based and increasingly secularised.

We realised that since the death of Emma’s ex-partner, the sexual side of her psyche had become a lonely, remote and forsaken place. This denial and disassociation mirrors the attitudes of the culture we live in. Sex is laughed at, seen as naughty, a means of control and cheapened. Death is ignored; we tuck our elderly away so that they do not remind us of our mortality.

This psychological connection between sex and death is invoked constantly, such as within the mythology and symbolism that surrounds the god Pluto/Hades, the figure of the vampire and the French saying for the sexual orgasm, “La Petite Mort”, the little death. One thing is clear to us; there are only two certainties in life: birth and death. We find fascinating that these two realities so many people cannot discuss or deal with. “Some Parts of The Back of Beyond” is a piece that probes and pries into these observations.

Choreography and performed by Emma-Jane Martin
Original score composed by Joan Cot Ros
Tech by Hannah Jelly

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