This test signal allows to measure the frequency response of 4k-devices. It has sine waves with different frequencies and phase modulation in it.
It's using full video amplitude from 16-235. For professional use in measuring frequency responses, please contact us to purchase a uncompressed version. This clip was made for demonstration purposes only. A professional version could be delivered in any frame rate and resolution desired by you. The test pattern was created using our own (propietary) 4k test sequence generator by Florian Friedrich.

In order to see 4k, you have to use a 4k monitor and download the video file.
There's a lot of blocknoise visible due to the complexity of the signal and the compression. In order to understand the phase modulation, simply take a look at the 3.125% resolution burst. Other frequencies, levels or more complex signals to check encoders can be created as well.

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