Hello Friends and Family! We are beginning our service with baptisms today. Each person you see is making a statement, drawing a line in the sand as they “go public” for Jesus. Baptism is the way Jesus called us to identify with Him. It’s a way to show to the world that we have accepted Jesus as our forgiver, deliverer, healer and leader. Make sure to give a shout out as each person goes under and is raised up to live for Jesus.

We are in a series called “Like Jesus” that is based upon this premise: If we’re going to make continued progress in becoming like Jesus, we must do life like Jesus did. Each week we’re looking at how Jesus lived His life and asking Him to show us how to live like He did.

The really cool benefit of this series is that the more we study Jesus, the more we like Jesus, and the more you like Him, the more you’ll want to be like Him. Today we’re going to look at the baptism of Jesus and how His act of obedience to the Father launched His ministry.

I invite you to stop by our Next Step Bookstore to look at the books I picked to help us learn more about Jesus. The better you know Him, the more you’ll like Him. You can also pick up some Lanna Coffee, our new ministry partnership, to help the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand.

Learning to live like Jesus with you,

Pastor Ron

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