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Your Current Video Card (50%). This will help us determine if you really need an upgrade. Of course, your current card should be older than this one.
My current GPU is an Nvidia GT630, a rather disappointing card. For those who don’t know, the GT630 is just a REBRAND of the GT440 way back from 2010.
IKR, I was fooled too.
Its age is showing and it’s not at all worth the bang for the buck. It’s a downgrade, really. I used to have a 9600GT which can play most games on highest settings but then it gave up on me. It seems that Nvidia has somewhat given up on its entry level cards and focused instead on its high end range. Tsk tsk. Thus if given the chance I’d switch to the Red side to try the awesomeness of AMD/ ATI. As long as my ancient motherboard (with a Core 2 Duo; not even an i3 haha) can handle it, I believe that I am tremendously qualified for an upgrade.

Your Reason for the Upgrade (30%). We want to hear from you why you need this free upgrade. Be honest!
Aside from heavy gaming (everyone’s a gamer), this upgrade would help the overall performance of my computer in Photoshop, editing videos (hey, I sent a video right? :p), as well as other graphic intensive applications. Most importantly, I need the artillery to run awesome Blu-ray rips via HDMI on my big screen. XBMC would work great for this beast of an HTPC. Hopefully I’d be able to watch Scarlett Johansson’s sweet skin tight leather suit in The Avengers in full quality HD ;)

Learn more about GPU rebranding here:,nvidia-gt-630-620--610---a-tale-of-rebranding.aspx

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