Sweeps by Salinas city workers, county health officials and police of the Soledad Street area in Chinatown help with security but disorient those with few alternatives. Although ample warning is usually given by authorities, the homeless often temporarily scatter across the city, then return to the familiar. Residents of Tents by the Gardens, a well-organized homeless community with both sanitation and security, were evicted from the lot they occupied. Despite appeals by advocates and a high-profile City Hall protest, solutions are sparse on the ground. With no sanctioned place to live close to the social services that provide support, many of these people have nowhere to go.

* * * This multimedia presentation is a Blue Ribbon Finalist in the California Newspaper Association's Better Newspapers Contest.

Photographed and recorded on location by Jay Dunn.
Full- quality interactive version at bit.ly/12Dzvn2

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Humanitarian Issues & Cultural Tradition Worldwide

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