Testing the flare characteristics of the new 'Flare Factory' lenses we are developing under the brand name Dog Schidt Optiks. The Flare Factory will be one in a series of custom lenses with a special rustic look. These optics add a raw flare characteristic alongside tinted elements and a naturally low contrast look, yet are ultra sharp and resolve detail up to and beyond 4k. Being custom made, each one has a slightly different look to the next.

Originally designed for use with the often over clinically sharp anamorphic lenses such as the iscorama's, Schneider 'Cinelux' and ultra sharp kowas. These lenses are the perfect match for use with anamorphic attachments big and small and can take the hyper-clean edge off a high performance 35mm anamorphic projector lens while matching it in sharpness terms.

In this sample we show blue, red and green tinted 'Flare Factory' lenses used normally and with an Iscorama36(single coated) anamorphic lens (1.5x). The blue, red or green tints of the 'Flare Factory' lenses become most prominent during flaring situations and thus do not impart a colour cast over the entire image during normal use. Tint colour can be used to either compliment or contrast against the colour of the horizontal flares created by your anamorphic lens so please inform us of your tint colour preference when ordering.

You can see this lens combo ('Flare Factory 58g' (green) + Iscorama36) in action outdoors in the sun here:- vimeo.com/60022405

lens mount options are as follows:-

Sony E-Mount
Canon EF
Arri PL (add £50)

Price £TBC

Custom Lens Options List:- dl.dropbox.com/u/85427217/Flare_Factory_58_Options_List_2013.pdf
Official Facebook Page:- facebook.com/DogSchidtOptiks

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