We’re living in a world full of information. But how can we make sure that the information we find online is accurate – what’s the best way to check online sources? That is the topic of this week’s session.

This can be further broken down into the following issues:

How does one go about …

Gathering and checking information from social media (Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc.)
Examining the validity of online videos and images, as well as making sure that using them doesn’t violate copyright

Inspecting individual tweets on Twitter

We’ll also address the question of how search machines work, how that can influence your research, and how to best utilize search tools.

In addition, we’ll look at:

How to find and check online sources
How to find and check facts online
Other relevant criteria

The OMS 2012 is an open online course for digital media journalists and activists from the Maghreb, North Africa and beyond. For more information take a look at our website: dw-akademie.de/oms2012!

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