Opening in September 2013, the new UCD Science Centre will be home to 2,000 undergraduates, 1,500 Masters and PhD students and 1,000 researchers -- the largest science community in Ireland, working together to provide innovative solutions to global problems. The facilities have been designed to support the lifecycle of the scientist -- from school children and enthusiastic young undergraduates, to ambitious PhD students and technology entrepreneurs who will innovate to drive Ireland's knowledge economy. Scientists and students will move seamlessly between laboratories, teaching facilities and innovation space. Academia and industry will work side by side and new enterprises will be nurtured. The building will also offer dedicated public spaces where visitors can witness science and research in action and experience the joys of discovery for themselves.

The UCD Science Centre will foster excellence in research and teaching, and will provide a physical space that enables research collaboration across science, society and culture. Spread over five stories the UCD Science Centre will contain 20 lecture theatres, 11 seminar rooms, 8 teaching laboratories and interactive learning facilities.

Join the Journey of Discovery created here by designer James Early and see the UCD Science Centre story unfold over 130 feet of graphic art. We can see the crossover of ideas within the UCD Science Centre through a binding theme of connections. A visual language is created to illustrate the idea of a working collective. The notion of 'micro to macro' and 'local to global' interweaves throughout the piece highlighting the connections between scientific disciplines.

James Earley's work encompasses a wide variety of media from print and screen based graphic design to large-scale graphic murals. He is also involved in a large variety of exhibitions, outdoor graffiti projects and events.

"The research to create the graphic illustration for the UCD Science Centre was a really informative and inspiring process. Over the course of a number of weeks I experienced the UCD Science Centre first hand by meeting the scientists and seeing the hands-on research. This gave me a fantastic opportunity to visually explore the work undertaken in the UCD Science Centre." James Earley

Music by Sertone

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