Survive! Garage, founded in 2004, is an art community which first came together to take part in the Yogyakarta Art Festival (Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta) in 2004.

Survive! Garage represents an art community which offers a space for art and wants to involve different phenomena of fine art in a more public sense. The concept of Survive art shop is built upon the aim to support social groups/social communities in order to become independent through the appreciation of art work and education programmes.

Survive!garage provides an open space for different kinds of two and three-dimensional art work, audio visual art, t-shirts etc. as an indicator for its inclusion of different phenomena of art work. The aimed audience and customers of Survive are students, teachers, collectors, foreigners who appreciate fine art as well as the general public.

Survive!garage provides an exhibition wall for two and three-dimensional art work which measures 50cmx50cm. This wall is supposed to serve as a space for appreciation and is designed as an exhibition platform which will be supplemented with additional publications such as postcards, weblog, review media and documentation.

Through this Suvive Garage as a social art community is involved in the development of contemporary culture.

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