Entropy is the randomness of the microscopic constituents of a thermodynamic system, and a measure of the loss of information in a transmitted signal or message. It is heat death, it is inevitable social decline and degeneration- in a closed system, it is accountable chaos.

2000 pictures compose this piece- that is, 2000 perfect different water drops into which we mapped an animation. Droplets that behave and look strangely similar at the stage of less entropy, and become more disordely as they splash.

You can check out the making of here:

We have also started a new blog with this piece, with an in-depth post about it.

You can read the long version here:
In English:

In Spanish:

or else have a peek to the shorter one:
In English:

In Spanish:

Direction & Production: Physalia
Comissioned: IdN Magazine
Audio: Cypheraudio
Programming: Jordi Planas & Physalia
Making Of Pictures: Albert Treblah

Join Physalia: facebook.com/pages/Physalia-Studio/312137322501?ref=ts

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