(A project for TRM251 on "The Archive", a virtual tour of an existing exhibit)

“DD467837” is an exhibition divided by two sections, DD467
and DD837. DD467 features Dirty Dishes A1 through H8; while
DD837 features Dirty Dishes A2 through 5P. ORA5491 is the
first person in the Central New York area to collect and
categorize the DD Images of these specific sections and to
exhibit the collection in a single room.

The exhibit opened on Sunday, February 17th 2013 at TGH
Museum of Art located in Syracuse, NY after six whole days of
careful organization and selection of these delicate pieces
from across the nation. The artist has described the exhibit
as inspired by, “the modern day lack of appreciation for the
square meal” and “people who don’t wash their dishes, like

Exhibit stills can be seen here: flickr.com/photos/olivia_accardo/sets/72157632808075262/

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