This was shot using a Sony nex ea50, I tried a new preset today which was the AbelCine Range preset because it’s supposed to maximize the full range of the camera. That's for the fs100 but since you can dial in exactly the same settings in the ea50 I thought why not give it a try.

So I did and went filming without even testing it, first impression of what I saw in post (I did some quick pp3 standard and AbelCine Range comparison in church) is that it’s not as flat as pp3 and seems to give enough latitude. I did apply some extra saturation, contrast and sharpness in post though. This is what the preset looks like:

Black Level: 0
Gamma: CinemaTone1
Black Gamma: Range = High / Level = +7
Knee: Point = 102.5% / Slope = -1
Color Mode: Type = Standard / Level =8
Color Level: -3
Color Phase: +1
Color Depth: R=-2, G=-6, B=-7, C=0, M=+2, Y=+5
WB Shift = All 0
Detail = Level = -3 / Manual Set = Off
From what I can tell the color is pretty accurate.

I used my Samyang 14,35 and 85mm today, peaking on this camera rocks, it’s so easy to pull focus even with very shallow dof, it’s fun to each time nail that focus when doing rack focusing.

The sound is all from the internal mike, I didn't bring any other audio recording device with me as I thought there would be nothing to record but then I got lucky when a organ player showed up and the internal mike did a good job capturing the sound, the audio on the camera was in auto mode at that moment. Also in the tower (what you can hear at the end of the video) you had these clocks playing a tune every 30 minutes, because that was so loud I placed the audio setting to manual to prevent clipping and that worked out fine as well. I've read some complaints about the internal microphone picking up camera body and power zoom sounds but in my case it recorded excellent environment sound. I"m not saying the camera's body doesn't transmit sound but you just should not be handholding the camera or touch it when you use the internal mike and if you need to hold it just keep your hands still. Otherwise you need to use the external mike which doesn't pick up handling noise like the internal one does.

It was filmed in 1080p 50p so I could slow down some slider movements if necessary, I absolutely hate my home made slider, it's ok for occasional slider shots but for shoots like this you have to repeat every slider shot at least 5 times to get it right, the carriage on the rails often stalls and results in jerky motion. As soon as I can I’m getting a decent one with roller bearings.

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