Axis History Forum is a great place, a fantastic source of information (they gave me the name of Burgdorf's wife, among many other things) and the people there are usually very nice and friendly. However, it has a funny side that has been begging for a parody in my head.
Every time I post there (not very often), I try to choose the correct thread. In most cases my post is transferred to another thread. I find it absolutely hilarious.
They are also very anal about going off topic and I once got reprimanded for calling Rommel's son 'Manfred'. It made me smile for weeks.
I greatly respect the work of Axis History Forum but if something I respect has a freaky side then a parody is on its way.

I own nothing. My actions are 'fair use' and mostly belong to the realm of very freaky humour. If you do not like/understand WW2 humour, please do not watch my parodies!

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