∃x⊂ℝ³∶∀x′⊂ℝ³∶(‖x-x′‖<Ɛ)→(f(x)>f(x′)) by Elliot Woods and Kyle McDonald. ExR3 is an a anamorphic analogue interactive installation that exists coherently in a fractured, mirrored version of a reflected room visible from four points within the real space. Standing in one of the four points, visitors see an abstract representation of the first four dimensions: a blue circle, a red line, a yellow square, a black cube. Pieces of every shape are visible from other positions, but appear chaotic. Similarly, the shapes in the real space seem to explode randomly from the mirrors due to the projective geometry. But there exist some positions in the real space that become completely coherent.


Thanks to NODE Forum for supporting the creation of ExR3, especially Eno Henze, David Brüll, Jeanne Charlotte Vogt, Florian Jenett. Special thanks to the installation volunteers Gregor Woschitz, Rosi Grillmair, Jutta Dießl, Shaul Tzemach, and Simone. Thanks to Rob Clouth for his song "Glass".

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