The title 85-C was because all the footage was shot with my Canon 85mm f1.8 lens and on the Canon 60D which is an APS-C in essence the title is 85mm Cropped Sensor...done with the play on words.

This was all shot in available light. Day stuff was shot at ISO 160 and night stuff ranged from ISO 640 - 1250.

I used the Technicolor Cinestyle color profile and have Magic Lantern running on my camera. I used Magic Lantern primarily for framing with a 2.35:1 overlay (though this is not cropped) and for focusing using the focus assist - (this is an AWESOME feature for attempting to focus off of the on board LCD screen).

Some things I noticed was there was a little bit of gradient banding in the sky for some of the shots due to the H.264 compression of the camera. I also noticed in the night scenes that there was some light banding due to the frequency of the street lights. It is not super noticeable when watching in real time but if you pause it and shrink the video down it might be more noticeable...or playback in slow motion or by scrubbing. Not sure what causes this beyond the flicker of the lights or if it is due to the CMOS rolling shutter. I've seen it happen on the AF-100 but can't remember if that is a rolling shutter or a global shutter. It is very evident that the 1250 ISO has some major noise factors. The shots always look great on a small screen but when you blow it up you can see where the image falls apart.

This footage has NOT been graded, but I'll try some grading tests with it in the future. I did notice a few more stops of latitude with the Technicolor Cinestyle color profile but can't determine whether it is better to expose for the highlights, shadows or it it in the middle. When just balancing color I noticed a considerable amount of noise in the shadows at times. I'll do some more test to figure this out, just trying to figure out the best settings for the camera so I can get the best possible image out of it for now.

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