compassion. friendship. adventure.

these are just a few words that come to mind when i think of Cody and Mikayla. in fact, these things play a huge role in their relationship. Mikayla and Cody are loaded with compassion and care for other people. when you meet them, they instantly become your friend. Cody and Mikayla's love for each other is obvious, and as the best man said, the adventure of life is only complete when you have your best friend beside you.

speaking of adventure... the day before the wedding, Cody and his groomsmen rappelled off into a 150 foot sinkhole! how's that for adventure? knowing that "adventure" is a huge part of what make's Cody... Cody, i had to tag along! it was such a great experience.

join in their adventure and check out their beautiful wedding.

meet Cody + Mikayla.

p.s. - Captain America may or may not make an appearance.

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