This video shows the lastest routine tests of BSI's ice penetrating radar system on temperate ice. The system runs the latest IceRadar software version (4.3.0) .

We wanted to test the system on deep ice. The standard transmitter is used, with 3MHz antenna and stacking set to a moderate level at 512. Acquisitions were made while the sledges are moving at about 40km/hr. Sampling speed is 80MS/s. For higher frequency antennas, a faster ipr hardware version operates at 250MS/s while the latest beta version acquires data at 500MS/s.

We reached 750m depth on Mýrdalsjökull, Iceland. The survey was done on temperate ice (strong attenuation compared to cold ice), and the presence of several tephra layers at various depths gave us challenging conditions to reach the bed. Based on these results, we anticipate deeper depths are reachable both in temperate ice with the "slow" version of the transmitter (more power), or in cold ice, and of course in locations without internal reflection losses from tephra.

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