Here is an excerpt from "The Christmas King", directed by Thale Persen, produced by NRK. The scene was shot in a studio and mixed with shots on locations in Oslo.

About "The King of Christmas"

An enchanting blend of magic, knights and friendship, The King of Christmas is a family series centred upon the adventures of nine-year-old Kevin, who, close to where he lives, stumbles upon a hidden valley peopled by a community of knights.

I worked as the DOP on "The King of Christmas" from april 2011 throughout november 2011. My main creative responsibility was the summer part of the series, everything that takes place in The valley of knights. I also shot Kevin´s cave, and scenes at the Mall and some of the studio shoots. The king of Christmas was shot on Red ONE MX, and it was shot in 4K. The series has 24 episodes of 20 minutes.

Reviews (in Norwegian)

More about the story

Kevin and his family live in Silverwood. His father, an auditor, works for a rather bossy woman who acts as though she owns the whole village. His mother, a police officer, is bored by her job, as nothing ever happens, and his little sister, Mira, imagines she is a princess and spends her days trying to prove it.

The people of Silverwood are all busy preparing for Christmas when Kevin and his family find that their house is full of wet rot and that they will have to move out. Prospects for a happy Christmas are anything but bright.

Kevin loves to hide out in a secret cave he has found in the forest. One day he discovers a tunnel leading to a verdant wooded valley. The valley is home to a band of noble knights - but also to an evil sorcerer, Snerk, who is desperate to obtain something he knows Kevin has found. Can access to the valley, along with Kevin's encounter with the sorcerer and the knights, save the family's Christmas?

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