Your hosts: James Finister, Chris Matchett, Barclay Rae, Patrick Bolger
Special guest – Stuart Rance

Show notes with links:

Show notes:
• News – Best Practice released a ‘Common Glossary’ – free download
• Book releases:
• How to do Change Configuration and Release Management
• Quantum Age of IT, Charles Araujo
• The Pheonix Project – Gene Kim – novel
• Book Club Hangout – look out on Google+
• Sale of ITIL
• How To Measure Anything – useful definition of a measurement
• Stuart speaking at Service Transition Event
• SITS – Gartner analyst sponsor
• SFIA Conference early March
• Cobit 5 foundation course – Chris left wanting more
• Isaca Membership – value for access to collateral, events
• USMBOK coming out as online course
• Isaca now using APMG - same old gripes
• Best way to teach entry level?
• Recording at TCS London HQ - Service Integration Event
• Different for every organisation
• It’s a long-term partnership
• No standard definition
• Role of coordinating different suppliers and service management layers
• ‘Towers’ – suppliers by functions
• Need solid theoretical framework underpinning
• Competing frameworks
• Even if no official role somebody still has to do it
• Challenge is finding a universally recognised language
• Could vendors say their tool is ‘now with service integration’?
• Not a technical problem – it’s understanding what’s needs to happen when & who needs to see it
• Challenge to coordinate suppliers when legacy contracts apply
• Recruitment – different skill level & experience needed
• Not just about investing to manage failure but how much additional value / return
• IT spent too long teaching customers to ask for technical SLAs
• Topic need to revisit – has only just been touched on
• Jaguar-Land Rover story needs to be heard
• For advice: Cobit, Lawyers, government framework for SIAM coming soon
• Can contact James @jimboffin or
• Or Stuart or @stuartrance
• Kevin Holland

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