Your Personal Cosmic Sigil Talisman

What you are about to see is the creation process of a unique one of a kind personal talisman. For a long time I have been looking for an idea for a one of a kind talisman.

Something that I make specifically for you, which encapsulates and reflects precisely what you are and what you can become. With this inspiration, I came up with this customized Talisman. Here's how it works: you will send your date and time of birth. Our expert in house astrologer Michael Ofek will use your chart and locate a special time that is beneficial for you, the wearer.The Talisman will contain an accurate map of this unique empowering location of the stars that is beneficial for you. I will embed the jewel with one of the four classical elements that represents the qualities that most benefit you and will assemble the talisman during that time. It's a very complex piece but this challenge invigorates my passion even more for bringing you meaningful and innovative gems. Enjoy

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