As always keep an open mind when watching my movies. Please just examine the evidence being shown, allow yourself time to digest the information and then for a conclusion.
The Avengers is one of 2012’s Blockbusters, taking in over a One and half billion dollars at the box office.

Despite the high-octane action as well as the great CGI effects, this comic book action hero film carries many disturbing and hidden messages. For those who are not informed and whose eyes aren’t open, this the message has a subliminal and manipulative effect on your subconscious mind.

The film is about a team of superhero’s defending the world from an extra terrestrial threat. Though the plot is simple and easy to understand, the everyday person would miss the hidden agenda’s, symbolism and pre-conditioning propaganda in the film.

The Avengers movie is to some extent being used to prepare the mass public or give them the idea that a threat from an extra terrestrial race exists.

But for those who are informed and now know that such events as 9/11 was a false operation, which was used to bring about a Fascist – Totalitarian Police State to which all our rights and freedoms have been subverted.

They will very likely be able to see in this movie that another FALSE FLAG ATTACK portrayed as a real threat may be or will be used, so that those in power can convince the people, that to stay safe you must surrender your rights for safety.

Watch this and see the revelation of this message before your eyes, the hidden symbols and meanings that are right in front of you, but if you aren’t up to speed on this it goes unnoticed.

This video I made goes behind the scenes and brings you the REAL STORY on the propaganda that is rampant and rife in this film. Prepare to be amazed and have your eyes opened.


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