418 the gold box
What was the gift Yoseph’s father gave to him? What was it made out of? What was the gift stolen from Yoseph at Potifer’s house. What was it made of? How long was Yoseph a prisoner? What did Yoseph receive once he became ruler of the house of Egypt, what was it made of? What does that have to do with Proverbs 7 and the Mishkan (Tabernacle) of YHVH?
SECTION 1: LINEN. A gift from the father. A gift that will make others jealous. A gift that is a reward for faithfulness. Garments for a holy purpose. When we are not watchful satan will use it to deceive you. Is linen a battle garment?
SECTION 2: PURE LIGHT. Gold, silver and bronze the closer you get to something special the purer it must be. The light that is pure burns bright even if there is only a little of it. The light that overcomes the darkness has to be pure.
SECTION 3: LIVE AMONG US AND IN US. Yehovah has always desired to be with us. To live with us. To share special time with us. Is your life one that He dwells in?
SECTION 4: THE SOLID GOLD BOX. The frame that was made from indestructible wood. The pure power that comes from this box that houses the very words given to us from heaven. Is what inside of you the same as what is inside the gold box?
SECTION 5: INSIDE OF YOU. Without your Hebrew roots you cannot understand the magnitude of this phrase. The importance of this phrase in the times we live in. In this section we will put together the puzzle pieces and to truly understand the phrase “He who is in you is greater than he that is in the world”.
SECTION 6: STEAL YOUR SOUL. A good alarm system can be very costly. Knowing the right components to understand what you need is vital to keep evil from stealing your stuff. Things of this world satan does not care to steal what he does want to steal is your soul. Can that be done, yes or no? We will discover in this final section what the word says about stealing your soul.

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