Apply the gospel in a radical new life of love – worshiping and awakened.

I. Worship at what the Gospel brings about (vv.8-10)
Radical reversal of our thinking

“In all of its negative effects this is where the law was leading – to Christ. The law was not leading from self-dependent law-keeping to God-dependent law-keeping. No, no. The problem is far greater than that. We don’t just need a new motive. We need a Savior. The law was leading from all law-keeping to Christ as the way of life.” (John Piper, August 7, 2005)

III. Waken to what the Gospel means right now (vv. 11-14)
A ticking clock, a walk, and the Lord Jesus Christ

Trust: you or who?

• How is it that we have a debt to love others… isn’t grace free?
• Why aren’t we saved to keep the Law? Or are we?
• What’s the time, and why does it matter?
• What’s the armor, and how do we stand in it?

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