Episode 21 VII of February is Caratingueta. This Funky Afro-Brazilian-Beat track started as an random beatbox idea in Henrique's car, during a boring traffic jam and the beat ended up meeting Tiago, Sandro and Jarrol in a Jam at East Side FM's studio and finally at Rec Studios, where the jam session was performed and recorded.
Caratingueta is just a great excuse for getting these mad groovers together for a Jam!

Drums: Henrique 'Blackjack' Franco
Percussion: Sandro Bueno
Bass: Jarrol Renaud
Guitar: Tiago de Lucca

Camera 1: Daniel Ribeiro
Camera 2: Thiago Bonifacio
(Post) Production: Henrique Franco

Next Episode VIX (21.03.12)

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