Hookit.com brings you “The Unsung Hero,” featuring Blake Savage, filmed and edited by, Kyle Cowling. Blake is 6 races into his debut supercross season after a very successful amateur career. Hookit follows Blake for a day in his life as he explains the realities of becoming a pro racer. The passion, dedication, mental and physical strength it takes to make it in supercross is incredibly demanding. Blake is just one of so many talented racers making little to no money while pursuing his dream with only the help of his family and sponsors. Like so many others, his story in an inspiration for others that follow because he never loses sight of the reason he keeps striving; for the love of the sport. Follow Blake at: hookit.com/blakesavage/

Blake would like to thank...
Gopher Dunes Racing
Troy Lee Designs
Bel Ray
Factory Backing
DT-1 Filters
Odi Grips
Moto Seat
Works Connection
Fast heads
Pro Circuit

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