Streamline your life with the beautifully simple Climate Clock. Get hourly temperature, rain, and wind quickly in a glance. It's everything you need in a weather app without the typical clutter.

Get the current outside temperature without even opening the app! Climate Clock cleverly shows the current temperature as your app icon's badge.

Looks are nothing without data. Climate Clock uses world-class Best Forecast™ by Weather Underground.

Upgrade your iPhone/iPod's weather to 2013. Welcome to Climate Clock.

What users like you are saying:

"This is the best weather app I've purchased. Deleted the rest really quickly after using this. Top drawer!"

"I just love looking at Climate Clock when I wake up. It gives me my time and hourly forecast without all the information overload. And the backgrounds are gorgeous."

"The obvious choice - perfect if you've had enough of the visual clutter and information overload of other weather apps out there. All you really need!"

"Finally - something easy with a sleek look."

"Super clean, super fun. Easy to navigate. I'll probably be checking the weather 5 times per day!"

"It's easily become my preferred weather app."

Try out Climate Clock and tell us what you think. We'd love to hear from you.

More Notes:

* Gestural swipe up for 10 day forecast
* Swipe left for locations and settings
* Up to 8 locations or cities/world times
* Dozens of hand-designed backgrounds that become dark or light and change with the weather, time of day, and during sunset & sunrise
* Precipitation (rain or snow) percentage with just a tap
* Current temperature on your home screen with your app icon's badge
* Fahrenheit or Celsius
* Stunning, premium design with simplicity
* Optimized for iPhone 5, 4, and 4S (Retina Displays)

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