Do you have a variable need to a work force? Do you wonder if it is better to use an independent contractor rather than having to hire, then lay-off, employees?

It is not as easy as just having workers sign an agreement that they are independent contractors, that they have their own workers conpensation coverage, that you are sending them a 1099. The IRS has rules that you have to follow, so does the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. If the IRS considers them employees, you may be responsible for their withholding and employment taxes. If the Bureau considers them an employee and they are injured on the job, you may be responsible for their injuries--AS A NON-COMPLYING EMPLOYER.

Are you in a trade that requires an OCILB license? Hiring these "independent contractors' can cause problems for both them AND you if they aren't licensed.

Watch this video to learn the rules for determining whether your workers are really employees and the risks of mis-classifying them

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