Recorded during the performances at the Guggenheim Museum New York, april 2011

Welcome, panting potbellies and horny honies. Tonight, you will receive the opportunity to have your nerves, long deadened by unfettered sensual pleasure, tickled…

Reigen was written in the winter of 1896/97 by the unhealthy erotomanic, Austrian writer Arthur Schnitzler, who against his will, became a doctor (“I’ve written nothing else this entire winter besides a collection of dialogues. A work that is absolutely unpublishable and has few literary merits either’)

A collection of ten virtuoso dialogues between characters of different background with a shared goal: sex.

“Actually I fancy Y a bit – and Risa a lot; but Mz II not in the least – she sooner scares me. Often I think of myself – that I’m the most heartless, coldest individual on earth, driven only by lust, scarcely by feelings, by sentimentality perhaps, but never by tenderness.”
From Arthur Schnitzler’s diary dated 30 July 1897

* The sexual act is rendered as backdrop video projections of artist Marco Brambilla's Sex from Sync, 2005. Courtesy of Marco Brambilla and Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica.

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