Vantage Point is a social media oriented platform that allows its users to probe each other in context and learn from the accumulated knowledge that has been shared.

One of the important roles that designers can play in the world, is to address major societal challenges, like unsustainable mobility or aging society. Challenges of this magnitude can be significantly addressed through sustainable systemic solutions. In order to design for these solutions, it is essential to involve key stakeholders in the system, with the power and resources to bring about highly impacting change.

The challenge, is how to get all of these people, with different expertise, viewpoints and ambitions, to collaborate and share knowledge during the design process. Vantage point introduces an independent social media platform for collaborative knowledge sharing for all involved parties. This supports designers to probe the different viewpoints of stakeholders and collaboratively find innovative solutions by accumulating the shared knowledge.

By introducing users to capturing and articulating knowledge live in context, Vantage point drives the network to make insights explicit, allowing knowledge to be spread and discussed freely through a range of different media formats. Therefore, motivation and drive can be shared with others, creating a snowball effect.

Through facilitation categorization and allowing a holistic analysis of the collective of knowledge, Vantage Point can be seen as a new step within design research.

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