Creation: Stage is a scene assembly, lighting and shader authoring system. It provides a tight relationship between your offline renderer and our realtime renderer. At this time we are integrating SolidAngle's Arnold renderer, but Stage is designed to support any offline renderer that provides an API, such as ChaosGroup's VRay or Pixar's Renderman.

0:35 Introduction to the RTR
0:58 Introduction to the Offline Rendering (Arnold)
1:43 Scene Management
2:26 Light Management
3:10 Shader Graph
4:30 Procedural Shader Assignments
5:20 KL for Rendering Explanation
6:40 Procedural UI Explanation
7:04 Immediate Rendering - No Export
7:40 Additional lights - Spot light
8:20 Shading the sofa
8:55 Persistence - Saving and loading
9:30 In-Render Manipulation
11:40 More than 8 lights!

If you would like to learn more, please visit:

Stage is at an early alpha and we are seeking studios that want to support and influence development. If you would like early access to this module, and are interested in working with us to develop it further, please contact us at

Many thanks to Paul Smith from The Imaginarium for allowing us to use this asset.

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