KirstyTV discusses the effect of society's sexualization on girls & women on Kouch Time. C'mon over to where the discussion happens after the episode!

As I learned through interviewing author and ex-stripper Christine Macdonald, all of us at some stage have felt not pretty enough or wanted to change something about the way we look. Christine's story taught me that we don't all get a choice and that we don't all have control over that.
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Here's a shocking statistic about strip clubs in the U.S.:

Watch the sneak peek clip of my exclusive interview with Christine Macdonald who shares details of her battle with low self esteem:

My hope is that you hear something universal Christine's story, that you connect with her raw honesty and vulnerability. Perhaps you will realize, you are not alone... I want for everyone to be at peace with who they are (warts and all) and to learn, grow & heal through hearing another person's story.

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I can't wait to connect with you, so let the sharing, healing and learning begin...

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