A compilation of projects presented through the simulated motion and optics of a View-Master with new content added.
Software: After Effects / Illustrator / Photoshop / Premiere / Soundbooth

Cameras: Canon EOS 5D Mark II / Canon Vixia HF S100 & WD-H58 (wide-converter) / RED Scarlet / Samsung U20

All original content assembled, created and/or recorded with these exceptions:
View-Master photograph
Slide 1 (Test Card) Man in headdress
Slide 2 (Cubeecraft) Modified papercraft pattern
Slide 3 (Drafted Elegance) Raw photograph by F. Milne
Slide 4 (Fate's Fables) Photoshop file by T. Mitchell
Slide 5 (Radiant Heat) .jpg logo provided / Music by Beats Antiques - Cat Skillz (Mix n Blend Remix)
Slide 6 (Fashion Shoot) Raw footage by C. Yee / Music by Pretty Lights - Drift Away
Slide 7 ('64 Chevy Impala) Assembly diagram / Music by Delinquent Habits - Everyday
Slide 8 (Photofall) Music by Slim & Randy - Telephone Line Blues
Slide 10 (Far Removed) Raw footage by M. Hayashi
Slide 11 (Wobbleface) Music by Golden Toast - Blue Jay
Slide 12 (Whiteboard) Fonts: Marker Scribbles, Ovni, Spaceshop / Music by Captain Panic - The Harbinger

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