This is a class morphing project. 11 students were a part of this project. Every student had to draw whatever they want. After they were done, they had to make a copy for the person to their right.

I received a unicorn from the person to the left of me, I drew a dinosaur, which I made a copy for the person to the right.

So my job was to draw the morphing process from the unicorn to the dinosaur frame by frame. It was supposed to be 24 frames which would equal 1 second in this video I went over by 6 frames.

Once we drew everything out, we were told to color in our drawings. We then scanned them and shared our drawings with the entire class. With all the files in hand we had to resize the images and import them into Adobe After Effects were we would combine all the morphs to one file. After that was completed we rendered the file as a .Mov and uploaded here.

The music was an added bonus. I used Mi Confison, by Gotan Project.

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