An interview with Mark Kenna - Producer (@DreambaseStudio) and Ross Mackenzie - Director (@FirebirdFilms) (21/02/2013 @0720) on BBC Oxford with Phil Gale.

Red carpet excitement as new film gives people a voice

A GLITZY movie premiere links James Bond and David Beckham with a charity that supports people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions. But the real star is the message it sends out.

Witney-based Advance's How To Complain is written and performed by their customers who explain how to tell the charity when it gets things wrong.

"But the underlying wider message is that everyone has the right to voice their concerns, whether it's about a repair Advance hasn't carried out properly, or something more serious, like hate crime."

"Recent scandals, from Winterbourne View to the on-going Jimmy Savile inquiry, are rooted in people feeling unable to speak out," says Advance's Communications & Appeals Manager John Kay, whose organisation also has a robust staff whistle-blowing policy which has been rebooted in the wake of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust report.

Firebird Films Director Ross Mackenzie has produced all of the films on the charity's website, but says this is his favourite.

Produced by Dreambase Studios' Mark Kenna, the short film's big stars are the four leading actors - Advance customers Antony O'Dell, Claire Crombie, Paul Ward and Theresa Brind.

Cast and crew of Advance's How to Complain filmThey'll get the red carpet treatment at the February 21 golden ticket only film premiere at Witney's Cineworld, which is donating the facilities for the event. "We're delighted to make a special event of what is a very special and beneficial project," says Operations Manager Steve Wright.
Also in the spotlight will be 17 other Advance customers who were involved in the project by helping to write the script providing the sound effects or producing art work shown on the animated backdrop to the action.

For the full press release, please visit:

Producer: Mark Kenna

Director: Ross MacKenzie

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