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In this video I will discuss
How to use Green Tea Supplements
Green tea components are water soluble and readily absorbed
I use both the green tea extract
and the hot beverage
I use the green tea extract because it is standardized
And I can be sure of the quantity of the active components and
I drink the beverage because hot tea offers additional benefits when compared to a pill
For example, it benefits
the body through heat
A lot of the energy the human body produces
Is spent on the production of heat - thermogenesis
By supplying the body with a warm liquid
You are essentially serving it clean energy
This is heat the body would have produced anyway
And you have just sparred it the effort
You have also sparred it the effort of cleaning the mess from producing that heat
Combining a green tea pill with the beverage also increases
Active constituent dispersal
This means green tea components can reach more of your body
In terms of dosage, you should use at least two capsules per day
Green tea produces dose dependent effects
This means the more green tea you consume the better
This applies to both the pills and the hot beverage
The best types of pills to get are standardized green tea extract capsules
I will show several options later on
You use the green tea extract by taking one pill with
At least one glass of water
Green tea has a short half-life so use it throughout the day
As a guideline, take one green tea capsule in the morning
And one in the evening
Green tea's energy boosting effects can be felt starting from day one
Unfortunately, they wear off just as fast
This is why you need to take green tea every day
Fortunately, the convenience offered by pills makes this very easy
Constant long term use of green tea and
Green tea extract is most beneficial
How to use green tea
The extract should be taken with at least one glass of water
With or without food
The beverage is best consumed at a moderate temperature
Not hot, as this increases the risk of mouth cancer
In summary,
You should take green tea multiple times throughout the day
And always with enough water
For people who have a sensitive stomach, green tea extract is better taken after a meal
In this video you have learned
How to use Green Tea Supplements and
A few tips on how to
get the most out of them


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