This is a collection of my best work SO FAR. I have just (today Friday 2/22/13) completed my last day of school as a student at Platt College San Diego. It's been 2 years and 1 month and I have achieved an AA in Graphic Design and a BA in 3D Modeling and Animation.

The first project in the video (The Garden of Earthly Delights) is a personal project that is still in progress (for the long term), but this is what I have so far. I took a jpeg image of the famous Bosch painting from Google and chopped it up using Photoshop CS6. I then imported each layer in the form of a .png (to keep the transparency) into Maya 2011 and assigned them to a one poly plane. The "garden centerpiece" was created using mostly all poly cubes and a couple nurbs spheres. Colors are mostly Maya but the textures are Google images altered in PS CS6.

The second project is a school project from my Lighting and Rendering class. Everything but the snail is created by me. The wine glasses were created using nurbs curves. The snail was obtained free from free3Dmodels website and the textures for the barrels were from a Google search for a free barrel texture. The focus of the class was lighting and rendering so we were allowed to "cheat".

The third project is that of my one and only class project for the Advanced Modeling class. We were given 5 weeks to concept an idea of a humanoid animal/creature. Since I fall under the zodiac Capricorn I decided that that was a weird enough creature and I should bring it to life. I was also inspired by the "War of the Zodiacs" line from Yedharo (google it), a Spanish modeler. He or they created a male Capricorn that looks absolutely amazing, and so I thought it would be fitting to make a female version. I created the low poly mesh in Maya 2011, created the high poly maps (15 million polys) in ZBrush 4R4, split the UVs in Headus, and painted and textured it in MudBox 2012. I have two area lights using physical sun and sky attributes and added sub surface scattering to my model.

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