I made all of this alone in less than a week, except from the music.
I'm currently trying to reach Nine Inch Nails to see if they agree to let this clip online or if they do not want me to use their music.

I'm french, so it's hard to explain what this clip is about, but I'll give it a shot :
I love to listen this song when I'm alone and angry, because it feels like it helps me to fully live my anger, setting me free of it more efficiently than without this music.
But to express, to sublime my dark feelings, I had to make it art.
It's a very personnal work and it might sounds amateur to you, but I hope you'll find it interesting anyway.

For those who have noticed the similarities with the clip "Into The Void" (another song of NIN), I'd say that I've had the idea of most of my shots before discovering this movieclip. But discovering it helped me to strenghten my work.

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